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   * Desolation Sound Marine Park was established in 1973 to protect an isolated area of safe boating waters,
   surrounding inlets and islands and a natural marine enviroment at the head of Georgia Strait.        
   * It encompasses 8,449 hectares and is situated 32 kilometers north of Powell River.
   * Captain George Vancouver named this jewel Desolation Sound in 1792 when he experienced a bleaker side of these popular waters
   * High forested hills drop steeply to the sea with upland lakes, saltwater lagoons, sheltered bays and pocket of beaches.
   * this area is protected from the prevailing wind and currents, waters are unusually warm in summer,
   ideal for swimming and diving

   * The sheltered waters, islands and bays of Desolation Sound are suitable for exploration by small boats, kayaks and canoes

 with many opportunities to enjoy swimming, fishing, picnicking and hiking
   * At Tenendos Bay a short trail leads to Unwin Lake, a nice spot for a swim.
   * At Prideaux Haven, numerous small islands and inlets off shore invite exploration
   * There are campsites at Roscoe Bay, the Copeland Islands and Okeover provincial park
   * At Teakerne Arm there is a 1 kilometer trail to the 30 meter high Cassel Falls and Cassel Lake for a great swim
   * At Roscoe Bay - a trail leads to Black Lake , also suitable for swimming.

   * Valid BC fresh water and or tidal waters sport fishing licenses are required for fishing and shellfish collection