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       With 2.2 million inhabitants, Vancouver is one of the biggest
       metropolisis at the Pacific Westcoast and the 3rd biggest city
       of Canada - a young vibrant city with charme and
       international flair.
        Especially the impressive scenery of the Coastal Mountains
        sticks out. Furthermore you can find large parks, an awesome
        harbour, affetionately refurbished historic center and on the
        other side the futuristic - elegant buildings of the inner city -
        this is what makes a visit in Vancouver unforgettable!
        Vancouver bietet unendlich viele Möglichkeiten, darum hier
         nur einige Anregungen.
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Vancouver - jewel of the Pacific Coast



 Stanley Park

                                                   Stanley Park is the green oasis of the city and shelters a zoo and an aquarium as well as
                                                   many other attractions. About 80 km roads leading you through the park. Besides original
                                                   totem poles, tourists can also admire the last ( Urwaldouglasien ) of the city. In the Vancouver
                                                   Aquarium which is inside the park, it is possible to gaze at ( Belugawale), dolphins, orcas and
                                                   cute otter.
                                                   Best way to discover Stanley Park is on the 10km long Stanley Park Drive - ideal for a bicycle tour.


Capilano Suspension Bridge

                           Since 1899, walkers can cross the 70m deep
                           Capilano Canyon on this suspension bridge,
                           which is 140m long.
                           The canyon includes a totem pole park and a
                           nature trail - exciting!


UBC Museum of Anthropology

                       In the museum at the campus of the University
                      of British Columbia, you will find a grand collection
                      of totem poles and masks of the northwestcoast -
                      natives. The sculpture of "The Raven and the
                      First Man" of Bill Reid, a Haida artist, from which
                      you can find many other works in the museum.



                    Gastown is a refurbished part of the historic center
                    of Vancouver. In year 1867 John Deighton opened a
                    saloon for thirsty workers. Daughton became
                    well-known for his large talks and was henceforward
                    named as "Gassy Jack". So the area around the saloon
                    got famous as "Gassy's Town" or "Gastown".
                    Everywhere you can gaze at affectionately refurbished
                    houses of the Victorian period. In these brick buildings
                    are some souvenir shops located, restaurants, boutiques
                    and art gallerys. A funny attracton is the "Steam Clock"
                    at Cambie Street, which hoots every 15 minutes.